Friday, January 15, 2010

UFO'S and other questions

Do you have UFO's (unfinished objects)?

I'm meeting my quilty friends tomorrow. We have been getting together to sew since 1990. We call our group Stitch and Bitch. Some of our members have moved away but several of us have been sewing together since the beginning.

We are going to compare our UFO's in an effort to get motivated to finish projects. So today I thought it a good opportunity to use my new camera. My guy friend bought me just the camera that I wanted. YAY!

What do you call your male/suitor friend? Do women past 50 have boyfriends? If you don't want to get married is your guy friend really a SO (significant other)? Carrie in Sex & the City refered to Big as her Man Friend. That sounds like Manfred, the wonder dog. LOL

Anyway, this camera is great. I have jiggly hands and the camera adjust for that. Is that cool or what?

Ok, so here are some of my UFO's. I have a lot more than I thought and there were even a couple that I could not find.

This is my oldest UFO. I started this in 1991 with my dear friend MJ. We worked together for several years. She moved to NY, got married and last I heard had a little boy. As you might guess, I have 7 blocks to go.

These pinwheels were started in 1998 in a class with Alex Anderson. This shouldn't take too long to finish. Maybe I can finish this one first.

This was another Alex Anderson class. I love stars. These were really fun. I bought a ton of star fabrics to make star blocks. I should post a picture of the bin full of fabrics. LOL

I had bought a square in a square template and just had to try it out. Love those bright fabrics.

This Lone Star top was a quilt in a day class in 1991. I took this class with MJ and Christie, who also moved away and got married. Last I heard, she also has children. Snowflake is checking it out.

Here is Snowflake taking a bath on my quilt. Cats have no respect! I hope the recipients of your quilts are more respectful.

Snowflake is checking out my BOM.

I am on block 6. I'm 1.5 yrs behind. This is a Bunny Hill Design pattern. Block 1 is on the bottom right. That block has 52 leaves!

Snowflake is tuckered out.

Quilting is such a tough job for little Snowflake. LOL

Actually, she's not so little. She's a whopping 14 pounds. She's an emotional eater. When she gets upset, she runs for the food dish but that's another story.

ttfn :) Yuki


Grazia said...

My house is becoming a huge UFO good proposal for this new year is to finish will be a very hard work! :)

sewali said...

LOL, love your posts and your thought processes. Snowflake is a darling, I also have a cat who enjoys his food and likes to help with quilting :o). I call my man friend OH (other half), but we have been together for about 20 years.

Beautiful blocks by the way, I'm looking forward to seeing them morph into beautiful quilts. You've got 11 months left before next christmas, so that's not even a block a month for the first ufo! I too have decided I must finish some ufo's this year, I've got about a dozen so that's one a month. Hmmmm ....

Marj said...

I think that your UFOs are very beautiful, it seems that creative people have trouble sticking to just one project. I also have the Bunny Hill BOM, but it is not even started yet. I wish you the best in getting your UFOs finished in 2010.


I could start another blog just showing my UFO's ;-)
That would be another reason to not finish them! You have some lovely starts here! I say your cat is telling you which ones she prefers your to finish... According to her, you need to finish those rabbits...

Frog Quilter said...

Snowflake is beautiful. She has placed her approval on ALL your projects. I agree with her as they are beautiful. Keep up the good work and of course the blog.

Tanya said...

Did Snowflake peter out after helping you count your UFOs? You do have some lovely things there! Pick one and work on it once a week!

Quilt Hollow said...

Have to tell you that it has been a bit since I visited your blog and thoroughly enjoyed going through to see all the quilts but also your kitties!! They are adorable! Love Snowflake and the name!!