Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today is Sunday and I'm taking a little break to post.

I work way too many hours as a computer programmer. As much as I love my work, sometimes I'd rather be quilting. Quilting is my therapy. It's a beautiful sunny day, albeit windy and cold. It looks very nice. I can tell from my office window. LOL I really enjoy seeing what other quilters are doing and thought I'd share a couple photos with you.

This is a photo of a quilted postcard my sister made. I thought it very cute. She makes a ton of these postcards and sells them at craft fairs.

This is another photo of my sewing room. See I told you it was a disaster area. You can see a UFO under my table. It's a grandmothers flower garden that I have been working on for years, by hand! My machine is an old Kenmore that I've had for 30+ years! Can you believe it? It's a great old machine and makes the best buttonholes. I used to sew professionally many years ago and have made everything on it. Wedding gowns, Christening gowns, even a Jewish Hoopa. I used to even sew my own clothes. Then in May 1990, I got a job where there were women who quilted! Can you imagine? There were professional women who quilted. I thought only housewives quilted. Boy, was I wrong. They sucked me in and I've been wearing store bought clothes ever since.

Here is my little helper Simba. He's always around when I am trying to sew. Behind his head is another UFO. It was a BOM. I'm on block 6 but still a year and a half behind. It's a BunnyHill pattern. I wanted to learn how to do needle turn applique. I think by the time I finish, I'll be an expert. I hope to finish it this year. LOL

This is normally where Simba sits. He likes to see what is going on outside. Usually, it's squirrels running around. Occasionally, we will have a visitor and he really gets excited. He's a very friendly little guy.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I'm still figuring out the software and where things go. I'm really not much of a writer but always wanted to try it out.

If you're not bored, leave a comment. If you are bored, tell me that, too. OK, back to work.

ttfn :) Yuki


QuiltSue said...

I'm not bored, but I am envious. Your stash looks great and Simba is just gorgeous. Do you think he'd like to move to the UK?

I take it you like batiks?

Tanya said...

Nice to meet you Simba!

lesthook said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I am stil very new myself but keep at it.

Mego said...

So happy to happen across you BLOG! I'm a SYSPROG in Seattle and quilting is my passion TOO! For years I didn't tell anybody I did it because of the 'little woman' thing but then one day I decided what the heck? and have been talking about it ever since! Sooooo good to find you!

Shasta said...

Welcome to blogging Yuki. It is a wonderful way to learn about quilters all around the world. You will find that there is plenty in your life that is interesting, since we all live differently around the world, and yet share so many things.

Marj said...

Welcome to the blogging community. I like you am not a great writer, like Tanya, who is a very good story teller. I hope to someday hone my skills, but for now I will at least make a record of my quilting journey. Have fun quilting and visit when you can.

Gingini said...

Hello Yuki!
Nice of you to show your room and your beautiful cat. :)
I'm a quilter from Holland. My workingroom looks much much worse than yours! And, my cat is more orange.;)
I can't wait to see your tiskets!

sewali said...

Hello Yuki, I'm visiting you via QuiltSue's blog, welcome to blogland. Like Sue, I'm very envious of your stash, can't wait to see what you're going to make with it :o). What sort of programming do you do? I used to work in IT, but only boring support work. I now run my own business and maintain my own ecommerce website, much more fun! I should be working now ...

Copper Patch said...

Hi Yuki. Welcome to Blogville!
I am soooo envious of your stash, it looks fabulous.
Simba looks like he would pounce on any stray bobbins bouncing about.
Happy sewing,

Marls said...

Hi Yuki. Welcome to blog world. I am fairly new to this world as well but it doesn't take much time to meet some amazing people.
Your stash is fabulous and I love the quilt hanging behind the sewing machine.
Simba is gorgeous. My two are always close by when a quilt is out.

Lynda said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I'm fairly new myself but I sure enjoy seeing what others have made and have learned a lot from them. Who could be bored with your blog....quilts, fabric and a cat....what more could we want.

Trudi said...

Not bored at all :) Thanks for the tour, I'm looking forward to reading and seeing so much more :)

paula, the quilter said...

Hello Yuki. I popped over here from Taniwa's blog. Nice to meet you and Simba.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sewing room, stash, and I adore Simba! What a gorgeous, fun cat! LOL.

I came to visit from Sue's blog. Glad you are joining all of us out here in blogland....your life will never be the same!