Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilting progress

I was out playing hookey with a couple of my quilty friends last week and they took me to a new store!! I've been trying not to buy anything. I don't need anything.

Back in November, the quilty shops in my area had their shop hop with 12 stores. I bought stuff in almost every shop. I didn't need a single thing but when I see color, something happens. I get carried away. The next thing I knew, my cart was full.

I just wanted to pick up a little something for a friend. I hope she enjoys what I've selected.Anyway, the shop hop stores were giving away patterns & fabric if you made a significant purchse. The patterns are Mariner Compass Blocks designed by Jinny Beyer. I have enough projects on my own without taking this on, so each week I am going to give these away until they are gone.

This weeks block pattern & fabrics are here.

Leave a comment and I'll have Snowflake pick someone at random next Sunday.

I've been working on my Baltimore Bunny quilt for 2 years now. I don't work on it every day but every now & then when the inspiration strikes. Needle turn applique takes a certain discipline and some days I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes I just get the urge to work on something new. That's how UFO's start. I have too many.

This is block 6 which I just finished.

So here is a close up of block 6.

My friend Jane is also doing this quilt. She has long since finished her blocks & is working on the borders. I asked her how she did the little bird. She embroidered it. I was determined to applique this thing. WHAT A PAIN! I hate those little tiny pieces. I hope it doesn't unravel. I'm concerned that little yellow basket may need some yellow topstitching or embroidery to show up when this is all finished. Oh well, I'll deal with that later.

Simba likes to help while I sew.

I worked on the jelly roll quilt. I've laid out some of the blocks which need squaring up. I like the spareness of it. This is a lot different from the colorful things I normally do.

Snowflake likes to supervise while I work. Here she is under the cutting table.

It was getting late and supervising is tiring work. Snowflake fell asleep. She had a tough day.

Simba wasn't content helping me sew and decided to check out my tote bag.

These critters are always getting into mischief. I can't even go the bathroom alone but that's another story.

ttfn :) Yuki

P.S. Leave a post to be entered into the GIVEAWAY. Winner will be announced next Sunday.


Mego said...

I like Baltimore Bunny's coming along! I LOVE the jelly roll quilt...your design? I'm a sysprog and totally get the database/quilting connection. I always say 'they're just puzzles!'

Abby said...

That applique is amazing! I'm so impatient with applique!

Renee G said...

I absolutely love the Baltimore Bunny quilt that you are working on. My mom loves bunnies, but if I ever made one of these I would want to keep it for me.


Christine said...

Love your bunny block ... I'm determined to master applique this year. See how I go!!'
Love the pictures of Simba and Snowflake ... they are so CUTE.

Marj said...

Your kitties made me smile. The Baltimore Bunny is coming along nicely, I have a kit for it but have not started yet.

Joyful Quilter said...

LOL...I know exactly what you mean about the bathroom! And all the "help" given in the sewing room.

Lee said...

The jelly roll quilt you sent to your daughter is lovely, I keep buying jelly rolls and cannot bear to open them but this may inspire me to actually use them.

kclily said...

I am a former programmer and fellow cat lover. Your cats are beautiful. Glad to be joining you on the Star Crazy quilt.

QuiltSue said...

Your applique is wonderful.

Is Simba part of your giveaway? If so, please could I win? I think she is so gorgeous.

lesthook said...

Lovely alpplique. I have 2 dogs that follow me around and even to the bathroom!

Tanya said...

Oh! I have got to get started on the Mariner's Compass patterns you sent! Another UFO. Actually an unstarted UFO. Don't pack up Simba with everything else!

Mego said...

I love your Baltimore's really cute! And I am AMAZED at your fabric stash! It is so NEAT!!!

Zlaty said...

happy Valentine's day Yuki! I love the Baltimore bunny you are working on! So sweet and really worthed! We did a lot of shoveling, too.

Thank you for the giveaway! Please pick me! :))

Happy sewing!