Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is what I've been up to

A while back I said that I was going to start shutting my office door at 6pm. Workaholic habits are hard to break. Anyway, in my effort to not work as much. I bought this.
Here I am putting the frame together. Boy, was that a job!! There must have been a million screws and doo dads. Things I had never seen or heard of!
Simba supervised. He's my shadow.

I really enjoy quilting, so I think this machine will provide me with many hours of enjoyment. Hopefully, I'll make some additional income to help pay for it. That would be nice, too. Can you imagine? Getting paid to do something that you really love and enjoy? Eventually, I would like to do machine quilting for other folks, maybe even lease out the machine by the hour. As a quilter, I love the satisfaction of doing the whole thing myself. Unfortunately, hand quilting takes a long, long time, so quilting machines have become a necessity.

I've ordered a 65" square whole cloth quilt pattern. I can't wait to get it. I'm thinking that by the time I finish it, I'll be an expert machine quilter. LOL

ttfn :) Yuki