Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beaded bracelets

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of my beaded bracelets. They need to be finished off but I just love the mix of colors. Aren't these colors great!

I hosted Stitch and Bitch today. What fun! I prepared a buffet like salad for everyone since it was much too hot to cook. Then ice cream for dessert. Yum

We have been meeting for 20 years. I found some old pictures of one of our early members. She is married now with a family of her own in Florida. I should look her up and give her a ring.

Yesterday, when I took inventory of the frig, which was pretty bare, Simba climbed in. I guess he wanted to get away from the heat.

Not much new here. I did manage to get some polish on my toes. What do you think? I just wanted something a little bit different. I've really gotten some compliments at work.

Kona Bay is having their 6 yard bolt sale. Check them out I placed an order for 2 pieces, not that I need any more fabric and lo and behold they were on my door step 3 days later. What service! These fabrics are beautiful. I almost wish I had gotten more.

Snowflake approves.

Here is a picture of Lori's quilt. This was a long time UFO. I was very happy to help her with this quilt. This quilt is just beautiful up close. The colors are just wonderful. I can't wait to see it completed.

I recently read 'The Help'. It takes place in Mississippi during the 60's. It centers around the maids and the families for whom they work. It was fascinating reading. I highly recommend it.

I also read 'The Beach Street Kniting Society and Yarn Club'. If you read the 'Friday Night Knitting Club', 'Beach Street' is similar except it takes place in England. Fun reading.

Until Next time,

ttfn :) Yuki