Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adventures in Shopping

I finally got out to shop for a bed for my dear friend, Jan. I mean my guest room. I found a nice double bed which wasn't too pricey but then the guy asks if I need a frame since that is not included. Ok, a bed has to have a frame. Then the guys says what about a mattress cover. Got to take care of the mattress against mites & bedbugs. Yikes! What's up with that? Ok, I says, don't want mites or bedbugs. So, then the guy says, "Do you want to pick that up?". Wait a minute, I'm only 5feet tall. How am I going to pick up a bed? I ask him, don't you deliver? He says delivery is another $65. Ok, gotta have it delivered. That relatively inexpensive bed sure got expensive real fast.

Sure hope Jan appreciates it. Now to get all those bins of fabric out of the guest room, to make room for the bed.

Actually, I am really looking forward to her visit. Jan has excellent organization skills. I have a ton of boxes & bins filled with books & quilty things that need sorting out. She's going to help me organize my sewing room. YAY!

I've started organizing but it's not going that well. I got rid of a lot of stuff but there is so much left. Some of these fabrics, I wonder, what was I thinking? At least, there is room to walk in front of the bookcases.

So, since I was in the shopping mood, I went to Sears to check out cameras. I know the one I want but have been having trouble finding it. It must be a popular one this year. Anyway, Sears has it but it was attached to this big security thing with a chain. It was really heavy! I ask the clerk, is the camera this heavy or is it the security gizmo. He says it's the security thing. Ok, I ask him if he can take it off so I can better handle the camera. He says, no. That surprised me but, Ok. So, I'm looking at the camera checking out the various settings and it looks like all the pictures I've seen online. Looking through the view finder, I don't see anything. The clerk says it's because the camera is not charged. I don't think this guy really wants to sell me a camera, so I leave. Had enough.

Is this the state of customer service these days? Am I missing something here?

Since I don't have a new camera, I will post some photos taken before my old camera konked out.

This is Snowflake, a Maine Coon She has beautiful green eyes. Her nickname is Diva. She had a lot of hair and had gotten all matted. She would not let me touch her body or brush her. Tried clipping mats off but that was an ordeal which left me with too many cuts & scratches. I left her with the local groomer. Groomer said she has seen worse, not to worry. As soon as I got home the phone was ringing. Groomer says, to come and get Snowflake. Snowflake is not cooperating and I need to take her someplace else. I call around and no one wants to take care of my poor little Snowflake. Finally, find a vet who has a groomer. They will take her after a complete physical. Ok. $650 later, a shock to my visa card, Snowflake is in great health, needs to lose a couple pounds and has been shaved, except her face & tail. These pictures are 3 months later.

Do you like miniature quilts? I love them. This is a Pineapple Quilt. These blocks were paper pieced and are 4 inches square. The whole thing measures 12.5 * 16 inches. The fabrics were hand dyed. This is probably one of my favorite quilty patterns. I have so many. LOL I laugh at my own jokes, too.

Have a Quilty Weekend.

ttfn :) Yuki


Zlaty said...

Your fabric is very organized! I love your miniature quilt!

Happy quilting to you too!

Anonymous said...

Try giving snowflake half of a 25mg tablet of benedryl before taking her to the groomer, it will calm her down. Or, you could have her front paws declawed, she's an indoor cat anyway and she would still have her hind claws for emergency defense if needed. My vet visits are only $35 here in SC w/o I didn't realize how expensive it had gotten up north... The wall quilt is beautiful, I love the color combinations. ci sentiamo presto!


Anonymous said...

Please don't ever consider having any of your cats declawed. It is a barbaric thing to do!

I love your blog! You are so funny! Your quilts are great and your material is way more organized than mine will ever be. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

Tanya said...

Wow! The things we do for our animals! That's a big bill!

Ooh, the colors in that Pineapple quilt are so stunning! Beautiful!