Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is a close up of my giveaway. A larger picture of the pattern is shown in an earlier post. The pattern is for a Mariners Compass block. It is a paper pieced pattern and includes enough fabric of the 4 colors shown to make a 12 inch block. The beige fabric is for the background. The fabrics are from Jinny Beyer's line.

There are 9 posters so far. Snowflake is at the ready, sniffing at the box ready to grab a piece of paper with the name of a lucky recipient.

I hope I don't have to chase her too far to snatch the paper from her mouth. That may be a challenge, but not to worry.

Just send me a post, say hello and your name will get entered into the drawing. Snowflake will choose a name tomorrow, Sunday!

The giveaway next week will be another variation of the Mariner Compass block and will include coordinating fabric from Jinny Beyer's line.

The critters are off today visiting with Jan downstairs so I have a couple minutes of peace & quiet.

Snowflake will be here tomorrow with the name of the lucky recipient for this giveaway.

ttfn :) Yuki


Jackie said...

You are right the camera did a great job!! I clicked on Snowflake and she looks fantastic!! By the way, I have to say that your cats are just like mine, always wanting to lay all over your quilts.

QuiltSue said...

OK, you've made it quite clear that I can't win Simba, so what about Snowflake then?