Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy Day Sunday

Zlaty won! Send me your snail mail info and I'll send your block kit asap.

I've worked my butt off getting my work project done. What a job! Work is really getting in the way of my quilting. Lucky for me, I'll have next month off to veg and play in my sewing room.

Speaking of which...when does a sewing room become a studio? I've seen most folks refer to their quilting area as a studio. The distinction is lost on me. oh well

The weather today has gone up to 48! Yay! Maybe some of this snow will go away. My front lawn still looks like a glacier. Had someone come out and shovel the roof but my gutters came down anyway. Took some of the trim down with it, along with the back porch light and parts of my deck. What a pain! The insurance guy came out today today to take pictures.

Not much to show today. So here are some pictures of my kitties playing in the bathtub.

Jan didn't get to my sewing room while she was here, so I will be in there organizing next month. Lucky me. I may have another Mariner Compass block kit to give away. You folks might be tired of them by now. It's one of my favorite blocks. I'll keep ya'll posted.

ttfn :) Yuki



I'm sending WARM thoughts your way so I don't have put snow tires on my car to get down there to pick ip my mother at the airport in march!!! Melt snow melt!!!

Marls said...

Sorry to hear about the damage from the snow. Hope the repairs happen quickly.Sending you rays of sunshine. Those kitties are soooo.... cute.

Marj said...

Glad that soon all the snow will melt, only wish that you didn't have so much damage. Hope that you get to do some quilting soon, then you will feel much better. Love that the kitties are so easily entertained.

Loris said...

What a great playground for the kitties! They really love those water drips don't they. I share my bathroom with my cats. Fortunately, there are 2 sinks so I can still get ready for work while they have their own faucet.

QuiltSue said...

Bet you're looking forward to next month. Hopefully the snow might have gone (sorry about the damage it caused) and you've got the whole month to play in your sewing room (aka studio).

Zlaty said...

Thank Yuki for the lovely kit a already received! I haven't made Mariner compass before so it will be a chalange. We still have snow too and I am sick of it.
have a nice weekend!

Zlaty said...

Hi Yuki,

Please stopp by my blog as I have awarded you Blogger Award!

Happy sewing!

Exuberant Color said...

I think the sewing room becomes a studio when it is a room dedicated to nothing but sewing and that it gets used on a regular basis to create.