Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Tired

Have you ever been so tired that you just didn't want to think about anything and just totally veg? I worked so hard these last few months, my brain is tired.

I've been looking forward to taking this month off but spent the first week recovering or trying to recover. Spent 1 day preparing for a business meeting and another day having the business meeting, 2 days running errands and another day fighting with my insurance company about the damage on my house.

There were leaks every where. Here is Silas checking out a bucket of water. Yes, the bucket did fill and Silas did knock it over. What a mess!!

Luckily, the insurance company did send someone out with these huge dehumidifiers to dry out the house. Snowflake really liked them. They were very loud and they vibrated. She would lay on them for hours at a time. There were 3 of these huge monsters on the main floor of my house. It was so loud, that I could not sleep with them on. I had to turn them off.

The estimate for the house itself was ok, I think but they did not include the motion activated outdoor light fixture that was ripped out of the wall or the damage done to the deck. Good thing I had pictures! I have to call them again because the wood specified on for the deck is not defined as being pressure treated. Who builds a wood deck and does not use some kind of treated wood? That just does not make any sense.
Can you see my nosey kitties looking out the sliding glass door?

I finally had time to spend in my sewing room this weekend. I found another Mariners Compass block, if anyone wants one, please post.

I have some golf theme fabric that I would like to give away if anyone is interested. Silas likes it. I have 2 yards of the dark and 1 yard of the light. Post if you are interested.

This is a picture of a RR quilt that I did in 1998. I moved cross country with the x for his job. My father had just died and didn't know anyone in San Francisco where we were moving. I found a lady on the internet, who lived in Canada, who wanted to start a Round Robin group. I think there were 6 of us. I remember 1 lady lived in France, 1 in Maine, 2 in Australia. We followed a book called Rounds of Friendship. This quilt was a year in making but it's one of my treasures. I just love it.

I love hearing from you folks. Post if you want to win the Mariners Compass block kit or the golf fabric. I'll have one of the kitties choose a winner Sunday.

ttfn :) Yuki


Joyful Quilter said...

Sounds like you need the vacation and a ((((hug)))). Hope everything works out with the house and insurance company. Love the round robin quilt - what a special quilt, do you have it hanging in your house?

Marls said...

Glad the insurance company is helping at last. You need to start your vacation now. The Round Robin quilt is definitely one to treasure-it is lovely. Bing a golf player and quilter I would love to win the golf fabric.

Carolyn S. said...

Sorry for your damage and love your kitties. Would love a chance for the Mariner's Compass block.

dj said...

I love round robin quilts, and it is so fun to make new quilting friends on-line! I have several round robin quilts that desperately need to be completed.

I hope this comment finds you having better days. I'd love to win the mariner's compass block. My blog is My email is posted there.

Nedra said...

I hope you can get a little quilting in on your time off. I am hoping to get to the March blocks of Star Crazy this week.

QuiltSue said...

I hope you're beginning to get your get-up-and-go back now? Sorry about the insurance hassles. What is it with these organisations that you almost have to grovel to get what' rightfully owed to you?

Lee said...

Just dropping in to say a big thank you. The patterns and fabric I won last month arrived safely at my door today. Your generosity shines through with every post you write.
Enjoy your holiday, it sounds like it has come at the right time.
Do not include me in the giveaways, I am happy with what I have already won from you.
Best of luck with your insurance company.