Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retail Therapy is Good For You and Good for the Economy, Too!

I posted this on another blog but feel it's worth repeating here. I'm trying to de-clutter and de-stash as some folks call it. I have a ton of UFO's that I want to finish, plus use up some of the stash that I already have. But at the same time, trying to keep all things in perspective. Ok, so here goes:

I've done the math. A visit to the shrink costs about $150 for an hour. You see a shrink about once a week. More if you are really bad off. That's about $600 a month. If you are lucky enough to have good insurance, they might cover about %40. So that leaves $360 out of your pocket.

How do you feel after visiting the shrink? Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

If I go to the fabric shop I always feel better even if I don't buy anything.

I get a break from my problems and when I am on my way home, I find new solutions to my issues and feel good.

If I manage to find something I like, I think about all the things I will make from that fabric. The inspiration makes me feel good and I'm not thinking about my problems. Problems will always be there. Getting a respite from them is important. Getting some distance from them, helps resolve them or find new approaches to deal with them.

Quilting is very good therapy and much cheaper than a shrink. Plus you meet nice people, visit new and exciting places looking for fabrics and in the end you get to have nice quilts.

A post wouldn't be complete without a picture of one of my little buddies. This is Silas. He likes to play in the bathtub. I turn on the water just a tiny little bit and he is just fascinated. He tries to catch the water as it goes down the drain. He just cracks me up.

ttfn :) Yuki

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Tanya said...

Silas is a beauty! Yes, I guess you're right about getting fabric therapy rather than pay a fortune to see a shrink! Someone also mentioned that my dog that drives me crazy is a lot cheaper than heart surgery (she makes me exercise my heart), pills for cholesterol (I work off some of that excess) and gym fees. It depends on how we want to spend our money!